This is what I was doing on 06 Jun 2019

  • Currently in Edinburgh, still working for Avaloq as a software engineer. No comments on how much I am enjoying it.
  • Danny has just had surgery again (this week in fact), so I’m working from home for a few weeks while she recovers.
  • No travel plans this year. Since I’m effectively paying for two flats now that Danny and I live together, money is not as free-flowing as it used to be, so travel is the thing that I’ve cut down on. Still visiting lots of new places in Scotland though, and we’ve plans for a big trip next year.
  • Still not really writing very much. Still a struggle to find the time and motivation at a point that overlaps.
  • Broke my running streak earlier this year (doctor’s orders). Honestly, I feel like I’ve regressed quite a bit since this time last year, and it’s something I really want to work on. No personal best’s at all in 2019 so far.
  • Currently reading The New Male Sexuality by Bernie Zilbergeld. Slow going, as it is definitely something I need to be in the headspace for, but I’ve heard very good things about it.
  • My German is progressing slowly, although when Danny and I were back in Vienna earlier this year we bought a children’s book of 365 Gute Nacht Geschichten, which is surprisingly useful for expanding my vocabulary.