This is what I was doing on 07 Feb 2017

  • Starting to learn VueJs. I haven’t picked an actual project yet, but I’m slowly working through some learning resources.
  • Still sticking on track with my new blog post writing target (1 blog post per week) I have a much more structured plan for writing in 2017 than I did last year, and it’s going well so far.
  • Booking trains and nailing down my Canada/US plans for May.
  • Running regularly again, using Couch to 5k to get back into the habit (without injuring myself). Hoping to do the EMF 10k in May.
  • Reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. Eventually finished The Procrastination Equation recently - it was a difficult book to get through. I liked the core concept, but not the author’s writing style.
  • Rearranging my finances. I’ve overcommitted to a lot of things this year, and I need to reign in some of my outgoings to rebalance.