This is what I was doing on 09 Mar 2017

  • I’ve handed in my resignation with CGI, and I’m starting a new job in Edinburgh at the beginning of April. It’s quite the upheaval, and I’m considering this to be my ‘major life event’ that I talked about on my birthday
  • Right now, I’m seriously neglecting my projects. Aside from this new-ish Now section, I haven’t developed anything new for the first quarter of 2017 :(
  • I’m still just about on track with my blog post writing target of 1 blog post per week. I’m already feeling a little lethargic and forcing out writing though, so I think after 2017 I’ll revert back to as-and-when I feel like writing.
  • Just finished booking everything for Canada in May! Travel insurance and my International Driving Permit are the only things I still need to sort out.
  • Last week I finished Couch to 5k successfully, and I’ve signed up to do the EMF 10k in May after I get back from Canada.
  • Still reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. This is only the second book of 2017, so I’m behind on my one-book-a-month target already! I have two more books lined up for after this though; Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, and Matt Haig’s work of fiction The Last Family in England, both of which I’m excited to get stuck into.