This is what I was doing on 14 Apr 2017

  • Currently in Portland, Oregon! Just arrived today after a few days in Seattle - I’ll be back in the UK in a couple of weeks.
  • I’ve started a new job in Edinburgh at Avaloq, as a software engineer. It’s been about six weeks and I’m loving it so far - but it’s draining, and I’ve had no motivation for projects recently.
  • Still just about on track with my blog post writing target of 1 blog post per week. I’m already feeling a little lethargic and forcing out writing though, so I think after 2017 is over I’ll revert back to as-and-when I feel like writing.
  • Just finished my 10km training plan, and will be running the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10km race the weekend I get back from Vancouver - hopefully I won’t be too jetlagged.
  • I’ve just read The Last Family in England by Matt Haig - very good book, but a very sad and depressing read too. Would recommend. I’ve also started Born to Run by Christopher McDougall; good so far, but I haven’t read enough to give a good review yet.