This is what I was doing on 21 Jan 2017

  • Deciding what project I want to work on next. I feel like learning React or Vue could be fun, I just need to pin down a topic.
  • Making sure I stay on track with my new blog post writing target (1 blog post per week) I have a much more structured plan for writing in 2017 than I did last year, and it’s going well so far.
  • Planning what I want to do for my Pacific North West travels in May.
  • Getting back into running, slowly but surely. Signed up for a 5k in March, and depending on how well I progress, targeting the EMF 10k in May.
  • Still exploring Edinburgh with Charlie and Sasha, finding new dog-friendly places and trying them out, and finding new walks for him to explore.
  • Maintaining my mystery date night pledge of 2 per month to Sasha. We just surpassed 30 new places!
  • Finally getting around to reading The Procrastination Equation by Piers Steel. It’s been on my shelf for four years unread, and it’s my first book of my New Years resolution to read more often (1 book per month).